Development Of Advanced Ceramic Materials

Advanced ceramic material is an important part of the both the traditional economy.  It is widely used in communicationelectronicsaviationaerospacemilitary, and other high-tech fields, and has important applications in information and communication technology.  Traditionally, the electronics industry has most of the functional ceramic applications, which is often referred to as electronic ceramic materials.  For example, chip manufacturing uses ceramic insulation materials extensively, ceramic substrate materials, ceramic packaging materials, and capacitor ceramics, piezoelectric ceramics, ferrite magnetic materials are all used in electronic devices manufacturing.

Advanced ceramics can also be found in high-tech industry.  It is estimated that worldwide sales of advanced ceramics exceeded US $30 billion and are growing at an annual rate of more than l0%.  Most of the advanced ceramics are purchased in the United States and Japan.

We believe that advanced ceramic materials will continue to play an increasingly important role in the high-tech industry, traditional industry transformation, and national defense and military industry due to its excellent high-temperature mechanical properties and the unique composite effects of light, sound, electricity, magnetism, heat, or function.